Movie Clip Licensing

The licensing involved with film archive programs makes them among the most expensive and complicated factual entertainment formats to produce for television. Over several years, Cinema Classics and home entertainment executives of the 9 largest Hollywood and UK film distributors, developed a special DVD title marketing campaign for TV (see Greatest Ever Movies).
It delivered innovative and effective catalogue promotion to home entertainment marketers and provided clip licensing to broadcasters under reduced cost promotional usage terms.

How it worked

The Greatest Ever Movies marketing campaign utilized creative product placement methods that were not overtly evident within the body of the TV program. The campaign operated both on and off-screen on a multi-platform level over several weeks surrounding each broadcast.
In addition to reducing clip costs for broadcasters, the campaign cross promoted TV broadcasts nationally, in-store and online through its partnerships with the UK’s largest home entertainment retail chain store, online retailer and a major newspaper.
The Greatest Ever Movies catalogue marketing campaign for television was a win-win situation for the Hollywood Studios, sponsors and broadcasters.